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Card Counting in Baccarat Online

Published on August 1, 2013, in Baccarat Strategy.

At a first glance, Baccarat seems similar to Blackjack – and with this, it sometimes lures in new players who think it will be possible to apply similar strategies in both games. As you probably know, one of the most popular Blackjack strategies is card counting. So, the question is, does card counting work in Baccarat? And how about Baccarat Online?

Decades ago, a man named Edward O. Thorpe worked on developing a card counting strategy for Baccarat. He partially succeeded, thanks to the fact that casino layouts of that time allowed players to place certain bets on naturals. However, once Thorpe’s strategy became well known, casinos eliminated these options.

Ever since, no one developed a truly efficient card counting strategy for this game. One detailed analysis depicts how card counting can affect the odds in Baccarat. Needless to say, the whole thing looks too complicated to be executed in one’s head, but the main problem is, the strategy does not produce sufficient results anyway. While card counting seems perfectly applicable to Baccarat in theory, within a real game it becomes useless.

If you want to experiment, try using this online calculator when playing Baccarat in online casinos. The calculator requires you to keep track of the game, entering the number of remaining cards into the program. The program then calculates your odds. While this doesn’t make the card counting strategy automatically useful, it does present one small step toward the advantage play.

At the moment, it seems that there are no efficient or reliable Baccarat card counting strategies. Despite the fact that there are some other Baccarat strategies which surpass card counting, this game mainly remains the unconquered fortress of luck. Still, you never know – perhaps the future will bring us new discoveries!

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