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Blackjack Ballroom Casino

Published on September 6, 2013, in Online Casinos.

A welcome offer to make you dance at the Blackjack Ballroom Casino!

Would $500 of free spending cash at a casino make you dance a jig of delight? Then prepare to put on your dancing shoes and prepare to salsa the foxtrot and tango the mambo at the fabulous Blackjack Ballroom Casino!

New users can opt to either make a deposit into their account initially and receive a 40% matched bonus of up to $400 (ideal if you are an experienced online casino player with a larger bankroll). However, if you are a relative newcomer and don’t have a huge amount to spend, then the $500 1 hour freeplay offer is well worth a look!


For the first hour on site, you are given $500 by Blackjack Ballroom and you can play any number of different games in order to boost that balance! The only stipulation is that you must make 20 bets during the hour. If you do, then any amount you earn over $500 is yours to keep as your starting bonus (up to a maximum of $100).

Best of all, if you don’t win, you can simply click the Try Again button and you’ll be reset back to the hour mark and able to try your luck again, as many times as you like, provided you click the button before the hour expires!

Once you’ve won your bonus, you simply need to deposit $20 into your account and the bonus you’ve won will be activated!

With almost 500 games available in Blackjack Ballroom Casino, including the fabulous blackjack and a host of other casino games and video slots (including several large progressive jackpot slots) this is a casino that offers more than most when it comes to a variety of games.

So why not take advantage of $500 worth of freeplay to generate your bonus and prepare to strut your stuff at Blackjack Ballroom Casino!


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