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Baccarat on mobile? Three things we want to see from future mobile casinos

Published on November 8, 2013, in About Baccarat.

The mobile casino industry is still in its infant stages but already, there is a huge thirst for these sites thanks to the ready availability of smartphone and tablet technology. With the industry still undergoing rapid growth and with new technologies being developed to further enhance the mobile casino experience, here are our top three items we’d like to see added to the next generation of mobile casinos.

1. Baccarat on mobile

Top mobile casinos like UK Casino Club, Luxury Casino and the soon to be released Casino Classic offer a fabulous mixture of games already but in the future we’d expect this offering to expand considerably to rival the games that users can play on conventional websites. We expect to see games like keno, bingo and baccarat on mobile casino games list very shortly indeed, thus expanding the appeal of each casino as it offers increasing numbers of games to its players.

2. Mobile-specific games

In the future we’d like to see companies like Microgaming challenge the convention of mobile casino games still further. As app developers have shown, there is a real boom in tablet and phone gaming and not all the most popular games are casino-based. One way mobile casino sites may make themselves more attractive to players is by diversifying their content to allow players to play games that have been specifically developed for that mobile site.  Imagine a version of Angry Birds you can wager on, or Candy Crush for real cash. The possibilities are limitless.

3. Social-based gaming

The increase in interest in gaming in general has gone hand in hand with the development of social networks and this is a relatively untapped market within the mobile casino world. Social gaming is nothing new to gambling of course, many bingo sites owe their popularity to the social aspect of the game, but this could certainly be taken further in some casino games to involve a more community feel, especially on mobile sites, where playing can feel like a solitary experience.

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