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What’s a high roller and is it worth being one?

Published on December 9, 2013, in About Baccarat.

The mere phrase ‘high roller’ conjures up the image of a rich gambler who can afford to spend a lot of money on luxury watches, cars, and clothes. Surprisingly, it’s just a stereotype and believe it or not, most high-rollers are not that rich. Saving up cash to bet high can also be the definition of a high-roller. Often called big fish or whales, a high-roller should be willing to take big risks, place large wages, and make big deposits.

There’s no physical definition of a high-roller in the online gambling world. Anyone can fit in that stereotype as long as he or she is willing to play games at the top of their limit. Most casinos are also willing to offer special bonuses, VIP treatments, and promotions to their loyal players, so high-rollers should expect that kind of treatment.

You might have the drive to become a high-roller, but it’s important to know that a casino can require a deposit between €500 and €1000 to be even considered for the status. For that kind of amount, you will also be offered a match deposit bonus. Having a VIP rank contributes to your high-roller status but it doesn’t make you a high-roller. For that to happen, the player must return to the casino periodically and bet big.

Is it worth being a high-roller? For some players the status comes with a myriad of benefits. Apart from winning your fair share of money, you’re treated like royalty even if you lose. Free tickets to important events, free accommodation, huge bonuses and promotions are just some incentives you might get if you choose to become a high-roller.

The perks of such a status are equally valuable online, and unlike regular gamblers high-rollers are not compelled to play by the rules. They often negotiate by drawing up a contract with the casino. The can require special treatment, accommodation, limousine services, and more.

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