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A Baccarat Glossary for Beginners

Published on June 1, 2014, in About Baccarat.

Baccarat is a simple and popular casino card game, across the world. Before learning baccarat, it is important to know the different terms used in the game. Due to its global popularity, many terms are not in English, but the good news is that there are a limited number of related terms when compared to other casino games. Here are some terms to help you get started.


  • Baccarat: In literal English, this is “zero” – the worst hand a player can hold in the game.
  • Banco: This is either the player or the dealer who is in control, in other words known as the banker.
  • Coup: This is a French term that refers to a round of betting in the game.
  • Bankroll: This is the amount of money that you are playing or betting with.
  • Carte: This is the term that you will use when you are requesting for a card from the dealer.
  • Chemin de Fer: This is original version of the game in France and is usually seen only in European casinos.
  • Croupier: The English term is also called the dealer, who is in charge of drawing of the cards.
  • Face Cards: These are the King, Queen and Jack of any suit in the pack. They have zero value in Baccarat
  • Ladderman: A casino employee that supervises the Baccarat table.
  • Le Grande: This refers to a hand with a winning total of nine.
  • Mini-baccarat: A popular newer version of the Baccarat game where the stakes are smaller
  • Palette: This is the wooden tool that moves cards on the table
  • Shooter: This is another term used that refers to a bank
  • Standoff: It is another term for a banker and player tie.
  • Upcard: This term refers to any card dealt face up
  • Punto: This term means player or point.
  • Shoe: This term refers to the box that contains the cards that are used in the game. A shoe usually consists of 6-8 decks in Baccarat.
  • House Advantage: This is the advantage that the casino has over the players, and is usually expressed in percentage form
  • Discard Tray: This is a tray that is kept for the cards that have already been played.


Now that you have gone through a basic glossary of Baccarat, you are equipped with the terms and are ready to give the card game a shot.

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